Want to Get Started Blogging? Here is All You Need.

All-In-One: A Custom Blog, Hosting, and Domain Name

Blogs are a way to reach your customers, keep in touch with family around the globe, or share your message with the world. And using the WordPress dashboard, it’s easy for you to update your blog with stories, journals, photography, video, or just about anything you’d like.

Your introductory blog package includes the following:

    Complete Blog Package - only $300
  • Web hosting for one year
  • Domain name rental for one year
    www.yournamehere.com !
  • Domain privacy
    Did you know anyone with an internet connection can look up your personal details once you’ve registered a domain? With domain privacy, your personal information stays… well, personal!
  • Search Engine Optimization
    Draw visitors to your site!
  • A personal blog using a customized WordPress theme
    you send me your photos, desired “look-and-feel,” and any text for the pages, and I do the rest
  • Custom header graphic
    With your beautiful mug, a photo, or other graphic

For only $300 (€300 for UK/Europe customers)

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